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Quick nutrition

We have been playing around for awhile with a variety of different health shots and have had a lot of success with our ginger based shots.  But it is hard not to include wheatgrass!



The benefits of wheatgrass shots are so numerous that it would take for ever to list so if you are interested here is a great article all about it: 


Basically the closer you can get to the plant form the better, so short of eating straight wheatgrass, fresh juice is it! 


Happy juicing

Mall life

Some people are talking to basically living in the Mall for the holidays better then others...



Things are starting to get busy though so hopefully it's all worth it! 

 If we end up having a good season we have big plans for expanding next year to make the juices more readily available to anyone who wants it.  


In the meantime we have decided to give up on naming all the seasonal and from now on will run them all under the same "It's" names initially, if people really love them the will be given a name and the recipe saved, so be sure to give us your opinions! 

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Tomatoes are almost here!

If you haven't heard this year has been pretty rough on Jersey field tomatoes.  The unpredictable weather has reeked havoc on many farmers, and we are no exception.  BUT... we actually may have ripening red balls of heirloom goodness by the end of this week!  Our cherries are on track to show up at our weekend markets, and if we are lucky, some larger as well!  PHEW!  

By the way, this also means our Bloody Vegan cold pressed juice will be here soon.  Good for both straight refreshing goodness, and even better for bloody Mary mixing.  Keep an eye out for an update on where to get it soon!